Information on the Mission de conception, calcul, optimisation et validation d'un système off shore type CMS (Calm Mooring system). Zone géographique PACA. Mission chez le client avec volonté d'embauche en CDI à l'issue. Ingénieur hydraulique assignment on petrole-enligne

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Mission de conception, calcul, optimisation et validation d'un système off shore type CMS (Calm Mooring system). Zone géographique PACA. Mission chez le client avec volonté d'embauche en CDI à l'issue. Ingénieur hydraulique

Ingénieur hydraulique spécialisé en hydrodynamique et/ou travaux sous-marins ayant au moins 5 ans d'expérience dans l'off-shore. Anglais professionnel requis.

= To define hydrodynamic loads acting on floating systems and derive their effects. To analyze,
size and specify the anchoring system components and subsea / floating hoses configuration, in a
way that ensures the safe, timely, efficient and profitable delivery of high quality engineering that
meets the Company's requirements.
= To perform conceptual and / or detail engineering studies related to anchoring system
= To perform conceptual and / or detail engineering studies related to subsea and floating hose
configurations and their associated ancillary equipments based on instructions specified by the
Proposal or Project teams.
= Provide technical support, lead and give directions to groups of engineers and technicians on
Hydrodynamic & Subsea issues.
= Provide technical support to After Sales on mooring; floating and subsea hoses topics.
= To keep abreast of Certification Authorities (ABS, DNV, LRS, BV,…) requirements and code
evolution that relates to Mooring & Subsea systems.
+ To assess hydrostatic stability of CMS products.
+ To write un-bonded and bonded flexible pipe specifications.
+ To assess global dynamic response (including motions in waves) of CMS products.
+ To perform simple supporting calculations to demonstrate the adequacy of engineering solutions.
+ To develop simple spreadsheet for routine calculations.
+ To manage dynamic riser system optimization and analysis.
+ To collect, analyze and interpret project data, including (but not limited to) oceanographic and
metocean data, design codes and standards.
+ To perform advanced numerical analysis using specialized software packages in use within the
Company, and to report them.
+ To specify hydrodynamic numerical analyses subcontracted to external Consultants or other
SBM Operating Units, and to follow-up their execution.
+ To co-ordinate the work carried out by the designer under his responsibility for specific tasks.
+ To prepare design load reports and anchor leg length calculation reports.
+ To calculate and report hydrodynamic loading on flexible pipe systems from FEA software -
mainly Orcaflex.
+ To prepare technical specifications of anchoring system components (chain, steel wire ropes,
synthetic ropes, anchor leg accessories).
+ To execute availability analyses of CMS Offshore Terminals
+ To follow all relevant Corporate Engineering Standards, Procedures and Work Instructions.
+ To identify and write Technical Notes for the routine aspects of the work.
+ To follow all applicable and relevant legislations, standards and codes and to ensure awareness
of their latest revision.
+ To act as Discipline Lead and Engineer or Engineering Project Manager (e.g. within the context
of Engineering Studies) when required.
+ To check, review and/or approve internal drawings, specifications and calculation notes.+ To assist in the technical evaluation of bids and technical proposal submitted by contractors and
suppliers of anchoring system components.
+ To visit supplier's workshops, shipyards and offshore installations to assess and report on
fabrication, installation and in-service conditions of Anchoring systems.
+ To answer queries arising from clients, contractors or internal Company departments on
Anchoring aspects of the Company's systems.
+ To prepare formal responses using CRS or TRS to detailed comments from clients and
classification societies on drawings, specifications and calculation notes.
+ To attend and contribute to internal Company/department/project meetings when required.
+ To investigate and report on failures or underperformance on the Company's products.
+ To keep abreast of the latest development of specialized software packages.
+ To attend training courses, seminars etc. when required.
+ To be an expert in anchoring / risers technology including (but not limited to): metocean data
analysis, global analysis of dynamic response, design, selection of materials, fabrication and
testing, and to keep abreast of latest development in this technology.
+ To be knowledgeable in oil and gas production processes and CMS ProductsKey technical skills required for the position:
- Knowledge of Ariane and Orcaflex software
- Knowledge of off-shore product/systems is a plus, and good spoken and written English is required.

Characteristics No teleworking
No planned travel
Working time:Full-time

Country of the law under which the assignment contract is placed : France

This mission begins: Le plus tôt possible
à définir
Beginning: 2011-09-01
End: 2012-03-01
Duration à définir

Beneficiary of the mission: A Client

Characteristics of ideal applicant
Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Ariane et Orcaflex

Geographical location of the assignment:06560 Valbonne fr

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